Open the man page.
Display short help.
Display the programs version.
Instead of opening, display the resulting URL.
-i, --issues
Open the Issues page.
-n, --new-issue
Open the page to create a new issue.
-I, --issue

Open the current issue page.

When the name of the current branch contains a number, the first number in the branch name is considered to be the number of the issue this branch is related to. It will open the page with that issue. When no number is found in the branch name it will open the general Issue page.

-p, --prs
Open the Pull Requests page.
-m, --mrs
Open the Merge Requests page.
-N, --new-pr, --new-mr
Open the new Pull Request or new Merge Request page based on the current branch. This assumes the current branch has already been pushed to the remote.
-l, --pipelines
Open the Pipelines page on GitLab. If the option is used on a GitHub repository, it will open the GitHub Actions page.
-a, --actions
Open the GitHub Actions page. If the option is used on a GitLab repository, it will open the GitLab Pipelines page.